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Multiple intelligences and emotional intelligence summary

Most of us are now aware of damage which our modern way of life is doing to the environment. This includes the harm which we are inflicting on many animals. Indeed, we are in danger of wiping out some species, if we have not already done so. For millions of...

Endangered Species Act Commentary Paper

What is an endangered species? ‘ is a question that needs to be addressed before getting known of endangered species act. An endangered species is a population of organisms which is at risk of becoming extinct due to three possible reasons: it is few in numbers. According to the theory...

Human Fault

The Cause Needs to Find a Solution There are a plethora of endangered species on the planet today, but whose fault is it theft almost extinct? Are humans to blame, or would the natural process of life have destroyed them regardless of our presence on Earth? The fact that we...

Endangered Species Report

There are many animals and birds which are already disappeared from earth like dinosaur. We can only imagine how it was. The most recent numbers suggest that today there are more than 5000 endangered animals n our planet, and is estimated that at least one species dies or disappeared each...

Endangered Species Should Be Prioritized

Endangered Species should be prioritize (for) We should protect the endangered species. Endangered species are native species that faces a risk of extinction in the future. For example, animals that are already extinct like the dodo birds, platypuses that are going to be extinct and many more. These animals are...


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